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news business    IRVINE, CALIF., -- FEBRUARY 28, 2016 -- HQZ Experts announces the launch of a new website design for the medical practice of Dr. Jay Masserman and Dr. Michael Vizcarra The new website offers a fresh window into the Fountain Valley, Calif. based OB/GYN medical practice of Dr. Jay Masserman and Dr. Michael Vizcarra.

Re-Design Expands Website Functionality, Offers Broader Services and Provides a Resource for Work Safety, HR Employment Law and Worker’s Compensation Tools

news businessIRVINE, CALIF., -- NOVEMBER 14, 2016 – Irvine, Calif. -- HQZ Experts announces the launch of a new a new state-of-the-art website for  The new website offers legal issues involving workers compensation, HR employment law and safety training solutions-based information that reduce costs and helps employers avoid legal issues.

Funds Will Foster Youth Sailing Center In Bill Mosher's Name

news businessIRVINE, CALIF., -- August 24, 2016 – Lake Forest, Calif. – Forespar® Products, one of the oldest established marine hardware manufacturers in the nation and the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center announced a collaboration to raise charity funds to honor long-time industry professional and former Forespar® sales manager, William (Bill) Mosher.

New Website Presents Mass Spec Lab Accuracy Mass Spectrometry Technology to the California Bio-Sciences Community

news businessIRVINE, CALIF. – FEB. 28, 2016Mass Spec Lab, a privately-owned, leading-edge analytical business, today announced the official company launch and new website.  Mass Spec Lab was conceived to address difficult analytical and regulatory challenges in the biomedical device, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, natural extracts, flavors and fragrances, cosmeceuticals, and fine chemicals industries by applying state-of-the-art mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS) and Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) technologies operated by seasoned post-doctorate level analytical scientists.

HQZ Experts Launches Redesigned Website

IRVINE, CALIF. - January 19, 2016 HQZ News - HQZ Experts (SDA), a full-service digital agency offering website design, web SEO, internet marketing, strategic planning, PR, business writing, and traditional advertising services serving Orange County, today announce the re-design of its website.

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