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Giving the public and prospective clients a clear window into HQZ's client services and capabilities, the new website redesign provides fast client interactivity, and incorporates a total new look and feel with all new graphics and expanded functionality. Serving as an online brochure the new easy-to-navigate sitemap affords greater access to new features defining the company’s services and capabilities.

For more than 10 years HQZ Experts has provided marketing communications services to small and large companies in Orange County. With executive experience in multiple business disciplines (commercial and industrial segments - including operations, finance, marketing and sales), HQZ Experts provides marketing, PR, planning and consulting services and is dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective internet marketing services to clients."

Since we've planned, designed and launched dozens of websites for our clients over the years - in a broad range of markets including consumer products, healthcare/medicine, manufacturing, technology, legal, scientific, non-profits, and real estate - we decided it was time to put on a little makeup for ourselves. Getting noticed and staying noticed is primary in our businesses and as designers, we finally set aside the time to launch a new model of who we are, ” HQZ Experts COO Mike Dwight said.

"Our clients' overall communications programs - PR, web marketing and websites - have never been more important than they are today. Whether clients currently have a website and use e-marketing, or require an upgrade or redesign of an existing website, an updated or new, marketing, advertising, and e-marketing campaign, there is intense demand to do it now," Dwight said.
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Headquartered in Southern Calif., HQZ Experts, Inc. is a marketing company providing planning and consulting, and traditional advertising services. The firm offers website development, Internet marketing, e-commerce, SEO, and web performance reviews, Public Relations, copywriting, and newsletters/Blog-writing and design). For more information call (949) 454-6149, visit: or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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