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"Our new CALWORKSAFETY website provides all of the right tools small to mid-size companies must have to lower premiums, avoid discrimination legal claims while preventing Cal/OSHA inspections and fines, said Don Dressler.   "Federal and State laws are changing at an alarming rate and it is extremely important that employers and management understand the significant laws in 2016 to help them remain in compliance," Dressler concluded.

"The website introduces the Cal Work Safety team of specialists involved in the assistance, training, analysis and inspections all to help clients remain in compliance with the laws, avoid law suits and save them money, said HQZ Experts president Pat Dwight.  "The new Cal Work Safety website is an easy-to-navigate roadmap to topics that employers struggle to understand in today's ever-changing regulations and changes" said Dwight.
The CalWorkSafety team of experts  provide a wide range of consulting services such as: HR/Safety/Cal-OSHA, Labor Law, Worker's Compensation, Employee Handbooks & Personnel Policies, Virtual HR Department, Sexual Harassment Training, Employment Law Consultation.

About Cal Work Safety

Don Dressler is an experienced labor and employment law attorney and former workers’ compensation insurance company president. As a nationally-recognized expert on safety and workers’ compensation programs and topical legal issues affecting business owners, and the architect of  For more than twenty-five years, Cal Work Safety has offered labor law, risk management consulting on: HR, Safety & Cal/OSHA, Labor Law/Discrimination/EOP and Workers’ Compensation. Cal Work Safety's customized HR package designs significantly reduce worker's compensation costs and protect employers from non-compliance issues affording effective employee training solutions to southern California companies.  A virtual HR Department program offers effective hands-on Management, discrimination and harassment claims.  For more information on Cal/OSHA compliance related to illness and injury prevention, sexual harassment, discrimination and similar legal issues, contact Don Dressler at (949) 533-3742, or our website.

About HQZ Experts, Inc.

Headquartered in southern Calif., HQZ Experts, Inc. is a website development and design company providing marketing and traditional advertising services. The firm offers website development, Internet marketing, e-commerce, SEO, and web performance reviews, Public Relations, copywriting, and newsletters/Blog-writing and design). For more information call (949) 454-6149, visit: or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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