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The website introduces the OB/GYN-OC medical team and defines why they are one of the top women's medical practices in Orange County. Dr. Jay Masserman & Dr. Michael J. Vizcarra's obstetrics and gynecology practice offer their patients quality, personalized, and highly informed care in a comfortable environment. From annual visits to pregnancy, and youth to seniors, they take women’s health and well being outside the norm.

"Bringing 5000+ babies into the world in the last 30 years, two of Orange County's leading OB/GYN practices, Dr. Masserman and Dr. Vizcarra continue to focus exclusively on women’s health," said HQZ Experts president Pat Dwight.  "Both Dr. Masserman and Dr. Vizcarra believe in patient-focused, informed care and spend the time with each patient required to fully answer all their questions," said Dwight.
As board certified OB-GYNs, Dr. Masserman and Dr. Vizcarra represent Orange County’s most acclaimed practicing and teaching OB-GYN doctors.  The freeway-close, conveniently located medical office is in Fountain Valley.  Dr. Masserman and Vizcarra are affiliated with Fountain Valley Regional Hospital & Medical Center, Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center and UC Irvine Medical Center.

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The Jay Masserman, M.D. and Michael Vizcarra, M.D. Practice has been a well established OB/GYN medical office in Fountain Valley, Calif. for 30 years. Our board certified doctors provide a wide range of obstetrics and gynecology medical services to women, teens and multiple-generational family members throughout Orange County. In a comfortable environment, Dr. Masserman and Dr. Vizcarra focus on quality, personalized, and highly informed women’s special medical care including: annual visits, pregnancy, pre-natal, hysteroscopy, advanced contraceptive techniques, ultrasound, ritual circumcision, disease screening, post-menopausal hormone treatment, breast exams, cancer counseling and genetic screening. To learn more call (714) 556-0536, or visit:

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