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22 June 2018 Published in Blog Written by

Building Marketing "Besties" Is An Artform

Don't Miss the Marketing Objective

Research Reveals That 99% of Companies Marketing Their Products or Services Miss The Mark

Even though they may spend a lot of time, energy, and money on advertising or other forms of inquiry-generation online or by mail the problem begins when a qualified lead arrives, prompting you to embark on a followup campaign to engage this new prospect more aggressively.

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Capturing Consumers Isn’t All That Hard – What’s in Your Message

Today prospects and consumers use mobile or desktop devices to find what they want … whether they’re researching, shopping or comparing. The most used consumer draws are: email, social media and websites. So, smart business people consistently track which of these formats brings a Return on Investment (ROI) by evaluating some basic metrics - including impressions, engagements, orders or forwards.

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18 April 2018 Published in Blog Written by

Just What Was My Customer Really Saying?

How to Walk Out of a Meeting with Clarity

Our customers often say things that we misinterpret. These conversations can often ramble on or go off course – and it is quite common. The result is that vague or unclear statements pass by without you getting clarification ... or are simply ignored altogether.

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10 April 2018 Published in Blog Written by

No Story ... Just Some Things to Ponder

If This Article Gives You aGrin, Then I've Done My Job

Recent headlines are rather disquieting. As one who reads a lot to stay current on what is going on in our world (past, present and beyond) it struck me that writing one more “how to” article for this post today was going to bore me, and I suspect that you too would find it thus.

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