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10 September 2019 Published in Blog Written by

Marketing 2020 Style

It's All About the Customer's Sandbox

Because customer experience is replacing mass advertising as the preferred customer connection, marketing pros must also shift gears and incorporate greater complexity in their program. Why? Because the accelerating pace of technology change, mobile lifestyles and an explosion of potential marketing channels (connected objects and locations) have already begun changing marketing.

By 2020, based on new interactions created between you and your customers, vast innovation will be viewed on small screens. The three technology-specific trends expected to have the biggest impact on marketing organizations by 2020 include: Mobile devices and networks (59%); Personalization technologies (45%); and the Internet (39%).

Customer Preferences

Now more than ever customer analysis will include factors such as demographics, psychographics, clickstream (purchase behavior), customers’ devices or locations, the content they’re viewing, or other data points. Yet, defining a “best” customer profile requires deeper evaluation:

  • Uniqueness: Is the data specific to the user or common to a target sector?
  • Privacy: Does the data require a customer’s permission or consent?
  • Applicability: Will the data apply across marketing and business processes?
  • Value: Will the data help a marketer meet key performance or business goals?

Marketers identify one customer profile that strategically integrates marketing analysis, creative development and marketing automation capabilities. All which helps marketers sustain the customer throughout the transaction.  

Marketing Success

It’s no surprise that marketing complexity has accelerated. 2020 will see noticeable marketing practices changes, resulting from heightened technology changes, mobile lifestyles and a significant increase in marketing channels. Specifically, these technology trends will be mobile devices, networks and personalization technologies.

Today the top three channels that link you and your customers include: Mass-media print channels first, Television, and Radio last. Not surprisingly, interactive media conduits like the WWW, social media and e-mail rank the highest.

Looking ahead, customer marketing channels are predicted to see social media increasing sharply while the WWW will decline. By 2020, mobile apps and mobile web will overtake e-mail as a top channel to the customer – it is already happening. This migration suggests that the top three channels to the customer will be those focusing on personalization and engagement, while the bottom three channels focus on publishing.

Win, Nurture & Retain Customers

So, expect and prepare for changes in your traditional marketing approaches. These efforts should adapt to a well-defined customer profile, then drive that personalized customer experience across platforms at every touch point. Meaning that as data and analytics skills alter marketing strategy, a new model of value and exchange - based on personalized customer experiences - must evolve.

Why? Because a customer ‘experience-based’ marketing approach is a better model than advertising in a crowded, information-rich marketing environment. Besides, you must interact with prospects and customers in their sandbox ... because your competitors certainly will.

Converting your marketing dynamics can be tricky … HQZ Experts understands that and will assist your marketing shift to prepare for the shift. 

Pat Dwight

Call us and learn more - Contact Pat Dwight: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 949-454-6149.

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30 July 2019 Published in Blog Written by

Message Your Way

Mix Up Your Messages

Make It An Easy Read ... Guests Will Return

Once your heavy lifting website optimizing is complete – local citations/links, your business profile perfection and loaded Google Places, etc. – regular blog posts become very worthwhile. First build your website then take the following steps to make the whole effort worthwhile.

Blogging Builds SEO Muscle:

  • Gives your website a unique link profile!
  • Timely and compelling content draws in Google’s algorithms
  • Talking to like-minded guests who interact or inquire about something … each time they do, boosts your Google ranking one notch up.  
  • Ranks you in Blog Search
  • Ranks you in regular keyword searches
  • Ranks you in Local (Maps) search results
  • Engages other bloggers
  • If you’re an expert in your field, you can “crow” and get noticed
  • Blogs feed content to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as well as other social media sites 

Points When Creating A Local SEO/Social Media Blog:

  • WordPress already has a lot of search engine optimization basics baked-in
  • Avoid themes that you can’t customize
  • Integrate your blog as part of your existing site
  • Avoid menu navigation systems that don’t use SEO-friendly links
  • Incorporate by-lined posts and articles and author tags
  • Use blog posts to reinforce your website SEO key words
  • Include tag pages and related post links
  • Post frequently!
  • Keep it pithy and DON’T BE BORING
  • Join a blogosphere – contribute to another blog with a crosslink
  • Get organized; create a content calendar
  • Keep posts brief! We’re all too busy to read talkie stuff.       If you have a point, make it and keep it informative and interesting. Then shut up!

It’s not a book so your blogs should be several informative paragraphs. Mix up your messages – write something about as long as this article … believe it or not, if you make it an easy read and instructive – they’ll return.

If you’re serious about getting found on the Internet, you just gotta TAKE THE ABOVE steps. Call HQZ if you want help setting up a Blog on your website or Facebook - we can help you get started right now, and even do the writing too.

HQZ Experts assists clients in designing and writing effective blogs. 

Call us and learn more - Contact Pat Dwight: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 949-454-6149.

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23 July 2019 Published in Blog Written by

Branding Moves in New Direction

Branding Tactics Beyond 2020

Branding Tactics Beyond 2020

Ever wonder about which technologies and customer trends will change marketing organizations the most over the next five years? Here are some thoughts on the topic. 

Marketers understand their customer through personalization, but the old methods aren’t getting the job done and are forcing change in the “new” way they must proceed. Pressed to explore new tactics combining customer’s changing dynamics with timely, tailored relevant content and new tools is the new norm.

Projections of personalized customer experiences expected to define how to creates customer value:

  1. Own the Customer Experience. By 2020, marketers must own the end-to-end customer experience by examining—its role as a direct brand interface with customers—everywhere, anytime and across platforms.
  2. Managing Marketing Complexity/Growth. Customer experience is going to replace mass advertising as a preferred tactic. By 2020, the accelerating pace of technology change, mobile lifestyles and exploding marketing channels via connected devices and locations will change marketing strategies the most.
  3. The Winning 2020 Top Customer Channels Will Be: social media (63%), the WWW (53%), mobile apps (47%) and mobile web (46%). Traditional publishing-centric channels—television, radio and print—score far lower.
  4. CCustomer Experience Becomes the Driving Force. A personalized, efficient and consistent customer experience translates into customer loyalty and brand value. To gain brand loyalty forces marketers to elevate customer loyalty.
  5. Future Innovations. The technology-specific trends to have the biggest impact on marketing organizations by 2020 are: Mobile devices and networks (59%), personalization technologies (45%) and the Internet (39%).

These technologies—mobile and broadband technology, social media, data, analytics and, Artificial Intelligence (AI)—will accelerate the adoption rate of other innovations.

To be competitive going forward marketers can’t merely port the same creative idea across tech and media platforms. Their departments must engage the customer with contextually relevant, personalized experiences—everywhere and anytime.

You’ll like this—the more powerful technologies tailoring and targeting content and messaging become, the more complex and variable the customer connection will be. Customers will access similar content on similar websites, apps or platforms and will willingly connect transactions and blend technical and social elements unique to them. They will cross over.

Thus, marketing strategies must engage the mainstream, via mobile and socially connected devices and services. 2020 audiences as "Internet of Things" (IoT), virtual and augmented reality, along with AI cause interactivity to branch into the outside world ... it’s a big expansion curve.

So how will brands find/win/grow/retain customers across fragmented audiences with unlimited digital shelf space? Marketers must devise a single, clear customer understanding then ‘push’ personalized customer experiences across diverse platforms. This means resetting a value-and-exchange model based on customer’s personalized experience to a crowded, information-intense marketing environment ... designed to out-perform the traditional advertising route.

                *Survey data based on a global survey/interviews with 499 CMOs and senior marketing executives.

HQZ Experts assists clients in working more efficiently, solving marketing issues and managing tactics.

Call us and learn more - Contact Pat Dwight: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 949-454-6149.

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09 July 2019 Published in Blog Written by

1 Look - 7 Seconds to Stay or Go

First Impressions Really Matter!

Can you honestly say that your website, social media profiles, or local listings present a positive or good impression?

Thirty-six percent of small business shoppers look for new businesses through online research … so, isn’t it logical that your online presence make the best impression possible? The suggestions below help you evaluate and fine-tune your online presence.  

Consistent Visuals

It’s really important to keep your website, Facebook and LinkedIn page visuals consistent. This includes logos, accent colors and message. When inconsistent your online presence appears disorganized and suggests unreliability. So, present the same properties for each: one standard logo, consistent brand fonts and colors, and similar language in “bios” and “about us” pages. Cohesive online continuity establishes authenticity and credibility … or should.

Online Reputation

Protect your brand before someone else steals it. Owning your custom domain name (www.mycompany.com) and social media handles (myname@mycompany) across all social platforms is required. Why? Because your brand will be vulnerable and other businesses with similar names will absolutely claim your domain and encroach upon your search results. Uncertainty about selecting your url almost always ends the search. Own your custom domain then create Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat social media handles. Once you own them, then decide how to use them.


Website or social media post typos or grammatical errors detract from the value of your content and ultimately your business. Writing errors detract from your positive branding. Always spellcheck and review whole page and review more than once. Finding a typo after you publish your online document is bad; people notice and disappear ‘hmm’. Not good.

Ignoring Comments / Reviews

Pay close attention to online reviews, comments and feedback you receive. If someone takes time to comment - whether positive or negative – that’s good. Google Alerts is the easiest and best approach to ensure you don’t miss these messages. HQZ has used this easy tool for a long time and it’s been very beneficial.

Social Media Reinforces

Social media is an important part of building your brand and reinforcing your marketing outreach. It establishes familiarity, humanizes your brand and strengthens opinions about your sphere of knowledge and influence. People love consistency and watch for new content from their favorite posts. So, give them something! Deliver regular social media posts - frequent hits humanize your brand and strengthens viewers’ opinion about your business.

Maintain Local Listings

People are constantly looking for new businesses online and search results influence their decision to view a website or call you. If your business has outdated or inaccurate information in its local listings (online profile: business name, address, phone number, and other details), the wrong message is sent, and causes consumers to exit.

It’s simple to manage your business listing and maintain consistent company information across various online directories. First, register your business with Google, and they use services that submit your business profile to dozens of local directories on your behalf. You do the work once, and they take care of the rest.

Delete Old Website Copy!

Having old or incorrect information on your website is a major mistake for a company’s professional online look. If your website has old event data, wrong operation hours, incorrect copyright date in the footer (i.e. © My Small Business 2018), visitors assume that your business ignores details. Adjusting website content is simple and though subtle, helps maintain a reliable image. Regularly review your website content for inaccurate information. The rewards for sweeping out debris are worthwhile.

Go Mobile Too

They don’t care … but you should! Offer your website visitors the best mobile experience possible. Create a website that is formatted for desktop and mobile viewing. Using a website builder tool automatically formats your website for mobile and desktop. Doing so makes you appear professional and reputable.

Photos Make or Break It

Because images process 60,000 times faster than text, people won’t ever read the text if your images are bad. Think about how your website looks. Engage guests using high-quality, eye-catching images that instantly reflect the solution (product or service) they relate to. Purchase images; downloading images is risky since most are trademarked – posting unpurchased images can cause you a lot of grief. Let your images do the heavy lifting for your website and social media activity. Be selective as well.

As you review your own website or consider designing one first carefully consider: Usability, Clarity, Consistency, Visual Appeal, Ease-of-use,

Menu with effective site navigation, and Distinctive Content. Each is critical to your success.

HQZ Experts assists clients in working more efficiently, solving marketing issues and managing tactics.

Call us and learn more - Contact Pat Dwight: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 949-454-6149.

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