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news business  Relationship Management: What's Love Got To Do With It?

Understanding and using effective strategies to manage critical inbound leads is basic.  The four tactics that consistently bring winning results include: Promptness, Persistence, Personalization, and Performance.

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30 September 2016 Published in Blog Written by

Oh Yeah ... About Those Baby Boomers

news business  49% of Consumers Age 66+ Shop A Lot Too

That's why the Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends that business owners include the aging population in their branding and marketing. Why?  Because seniors buy lots of stuff and represent a big market in today's economy.

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28 September 2016 Published in Blog Written by

They Say ...

news business  Do You Know If They Are Listening?

Since 77% of online shoppers take time to read product or service reviews before making an online purchase decision, using testimonials in your marketing message just makes good sense.

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20 September 2016 Published in Blog Written by

Balancing Crisis Communication

news business  Balancing Crisis Communication

Regularly Communicating With Customers & Prospects Helps Maintain Balance During Troubled Times.

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