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20 September 2016 Published in Blog Written by

Balancing Crisis Communication

news business  Balancing Crisis Communication

Regularly Communicating With Customers & Prospects Helps Maintain Balance During Troubled Times.

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31 August 2016 Published in Blog Written by

Remembering Abby Road

news business  Remembering Abby Road

Years ago on a business trip to London I took a group of 50 company super star sales team employees in recognition of their achievements in exceeding annual sales quotas ... and wound up on Abby Road!

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23 August 2016 Published in E-Marketing Written by

Striking The Right Chord Featured

news business  Striking The Right Chord

Inspiring someone to pause, read, analyze your marketing message and then make a buying decision, requires that your advertising do more than present a passive pitch or use a cute puppy image. 

It should strike a chord with your audience by appealing to their intellect and emotions.

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10 August 2016 Published in Print Design Written by

Crossroads: Brand Repositioning

news business  How Does a Creative Agency Reposition Clients With Mature, Well-defined Marketing Campaigns ... Into New, Broader Markets?

When do you introduce corporate and/or product branding into that client’s marketing strategy? And, when do you discuss all of this with your clients?

Technical jargon is great when talking to someone in a peer group but usually misses clearly communicating to those who actually make a buying decision...ya know, the ones we work so hard to attract and spend loads of money to influence.

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