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23 August 2016 Published in E-Marketing Written by

Striking The Right Chord Featured

news business  Striking The Right Chord

Inspiring someone to pause, read, analyze your marketing message and then make a buying decision, requires that your advertising do more than present a passive pitch or use a cute puppy image. 

It should strike a chord with your audience by appealing to their intellect and emotions.

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10 August 2016 Published in Print Design Written by

Crossroads: Brand Repositioning

news business  How Does a Creative Agency Reposition Clients With Mature, Well-defined Marketing Campaigns ... Into New, Broader Markets?

When do you introduce corporate and/or product branding into that client’s marketing strategy? And, when do you discuss all of this with your clients?

Technical jargon is great when talking to someone in a peer group but usually misses clearly communicating to those who actually make a buying decision...ya know, the ones we work so hard to attract and spend loads of money to influence.

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20 July 2016 Published in Blog Written by

When It's Time To "Go Fishing" …

news business  Now That Your Website Is Launched It's Time To Set Up An Effective Website Blog.

Done properly, frequent blog posts can become a wonderful fishing pole to attract new viewers who are searching for your topic (product or service).

Blogs also feed content out on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, offering you a great advantage throughout all social media.

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news business  We almost never think about the lifespan of our website. We bought it and it's there for us 24/7. Right?

That is of course until you go to your website and get a message that says either “Error", "try again” or even worse, “This url is available for $9.99 Today”.


HQZ’s philosophy on web hosting is to allow or enable clients to establish their own relationship with the host company with whom they want to work – they either already have an existing relationship with or have selected a specific host.

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