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news business  A few years ago we decided to test market an idea that sounded, well, a little crazy. 

  As a web design firm, we have created and designed several hundred websites. Some very deep with 70+ pages, and others a modest five-six-page versions that suited the client's needs as an Internet 'placeholder' .

When clients call, they like our work and are interested in discussing 'what it will take' to design a website for them. During a staff meeting these client questions brought us to an interesting 'What If' discussion and we decided to take a run at it. 

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news businessA recent article on Top Performers and what makes them tick came across my desk the other day. It reminded me about the learning methods of behavioral conditioning through experiments using laboratory experiments ... which use three basic conditioning strategies:

  1. Positive reinforcement - based on a reward for some activity
  2. Negative reinforcement - based on a form of punishment for an activity
  3. Aversive conditioning - conditioning that teaches and maintains a specific behavior

Anyone who has ever been a manager of another person or staff learns these basics either in school or in the school of hard knocks - called OJT (on-the-job-training).

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If you aren’t keeping your website up-to-date, you are missing many business opportunities.  Your website sits on the Internet and is surrounded by zillions of others.  If your website isn't 'rippling' the surface of the Internet, it very quickly might fade out of sight altogether.

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Content Marketing Vision for Growth

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Survival in business today is forcing companies to reexamine their marketing approach. It's now time to formulate a broadened strategy and implement a content marketing calendar. In 2016 successful companies marketing strategy must do more than merely go back to the basis.

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