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11 December 2015 Published in PR Written by

PR Is Cost-Effective & Results Driven

news businessDone well, public relations (PR) can effectively achieve impressive results.  It can build your brand and attract new supporters.  Good PR can:

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14 January 2016 Published in E-Marketing Written by

Marketing in 2016 - Blogging Matters Featured

news businessBlogging can be many things to a company.  It engages the public to read your posts and provides them news, updates, information that they want or need. Today there are more than 152,000,000 blogs on the Internet. 

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14 January 2016 Published in SEO Written by

Google Elevates Role of Mobile-Friendly SEO Ranking Featured

news businessIf you rely on customers to find you via Google search, pay attention - this is important.Google recently rolled out changes to the way its search engine ranks web pages. Websites that are deemed “mobile Friendly” now get ranked higher in results than those only optimized for desktops.

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