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20 July 2016 Published in Blog Written by 

When It's Time To "Go Fishing" …

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news business  Now That Your Website Is Launched It's Time To Set Up An Effective Website Blog.

Done properly, frequent blog posts can become a wonderful fishing pole to attract new viewers who are searching for your topic (product or service).

Blogs also feed content out on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, offering you a great advantage throughout all social media.

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Blogs Build Significant SEO:

  • Gives your website a unique link profile!
  • Timely and compelling content draws in Google’s algorithms
  • Talking to like minded guests who interact or inquire about something … each time they do, boosts your Google ranking up a notch
  • Ranks you in Blog Search
  • Ranks you in regular keyword searches
  • Ranks you in Local (Maps) search results
  • Engages other bloggers
  • If you’re an expert in your field, you can “crow” and get noticed

Points To Help Create An Effective Blog:

  • Use WordPress - it has a lot of search engine optimization basics
  • Post frequently
  • Keep it pithy and DON’T BE BOARING
  • Integrate your blog as part of your existing site
  • Avoid menu navigation systems that do not use SEO-friendly links
  • Incorporate by-lined posts and articles and author tags
  • Use blog posts to reinforce your website SEO key words
  • Include tag pages and related post links
  • Join a blogosphere – contribute to another blog with a crosslink
  • Get organized; create a content calendar


Keep posts brief! We’re all too busy to read long stuff. If you have a point, make it and keep it informative and interesting. Then shut up!

Oh, and don’t forget, your blogs can be one or two paragraphs? Mix up your posts – write something about as long as this article and then do two that are shorter yet. Make it an easy read - busy people like that and best of all, they will return.

If you’re serious about getting found on the Internet, a regular blog post is a very cost effective and simple way to do so. Call HQZ if you need help setting up a website Blog.  

We can help you get started today! Call 949-454-6149 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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