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07 February 2017 Published in Blog Written by 

What's The Point

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news business  Worldwide Social Network Ad Spending Rising

Experts expect worldwide social network ad spending could rise to $36 billion in 2017. That's some big growth. Those in your firm responsible for marketing should be aware that social channels have already changed and going forward will provide more relevant content and less promotional content.

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This means that businesses will be pressed to complement their organic posts with paid promotion if they want their posts to be seen by their audiences. Since marketers are increasingly spending more on social platforms, it’s more important than ever to have the right strategy in place then track paid social campaigns to understand what is working and not working.

Augment Paid Social Campaigns:

1. Goal Setting

Understand your goals for each paid social campaign upfront since strategy and key performance metrics vary depending on your goals. Remember, goals map the relevant offers and content for your objectives:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Advocacy
  • Combination of All

Techniques often used for pulling in more leads include publishing whitepapers or case studies that provide informative data with a "fill out form" to receive it. Other ways also help attract attention by using infographics or targeted videos.

2. Identify Audiences 

Decide who you are trying to reach then target specific audiences in various social/economic platforms.

3. Channel Targets

While they overlap, audiences on social media networks are different and their expectations overlap across channels. Thus you must understand the networks your audiences prefer and find a way to engage them with the right content.

4. Use Target Options - Selectively

Identify the targeting options on channels important to you. Social networks target is based on different fields such as:

  • Interests, skills
  • Titles
  • Company Names
  • Lists (your databases)

An example is LinkedIn which allows customers to target people based on their titles, skill sets, company, and even degree. Facebook allows you to target people based on their demographics, behaviors, and interest levels in certain topics or products. You need to determine which of these matter to your needs.

5. Create /Measure Campaigns

Planning your ad campaign structure allows you to measure and report on different initiatives. Remembering how important it will be to measure and report your initiatives separately...since it is vital that you know which audience responds to which ads. Your goal is to track the campaign data to identify which audiences responded more.

This information lets you track the performance of your social campaigns. So, whether you use a marketing automation platform, unique URLs for each campaign, or form responses, the data gleaned will help you shift your budget away from lower performing events - assets and paid ads - towards the ones that result in stronger return on investment.

Which is the whole point!

Pat Dwight

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