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27 July 2018 Published in Blog Written by 

Adapt Your Selling Style To Prospect's Temperament

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Your Selling Style Needs to Appeal to Prospect's Temperament

Why do we immediately click with some customers but not all?

Even with the technological tools at our disposal today, everyone encounters failed relationships and lost sales. Psychologists explain this as human and posit that we are born into one of four primary temperament styles: Aggressive, Expressive, Passive or Analytical.

These temperament styles are genetic and seem to have no connection to astrological sign, birth order, childhood experiences, race or gender. One would therefore assume that these four primary behavioral styles require different approaches and selling strategies. Below is a simplified definition of these four styles.

  • Aggressive/Worker Style:
    Extroverted, determined, demanding, domineering, controlling, practical, self-reliant, decisive and insensitive

A worker’s major weakness is "anger management" and frequently under pressure they work even harder which causes explosive or ill-natured behavior. Impatient and goal-oriented workers prefer a quick, bottom line presentation style. They expect you to be on time and well prepared. They avoid small talk and make quick decisions. They focus on results and ask "what" questions.

Keywords When communicating with Aggressive/Workers: Results, Speed and Control.

  • Expressive/Talker Style:
    Extroverted, enthusiastic, emotional, sociable, impulsive, optimistic, persuasive and unorganized

The expressive personality’s major weakness is "emotional management". Under pressure they talk more and may display emotional outbursts. The playful and friendly talker prefers a fast paced and enthusiastic presentation style. The smart approach for expressive personalities is use a short warm up and allow extra time in your presentation for them to talk. Talkers can be impulsive and generally make quick decisions. The key to making a sale to a talker is to keep them focused and allow time for them to express their feelings. Keep your presentation big picture and avoid giving them too much detail. Talkers are concerned about other’s opinions and ask "who" questions.

Keywords When communicating with Talkers: Exciting, Fun and Enthusiastic.

  • Passive/Watcher Style:
    Introverted, accommodating, harmonious, indecisive, patient, polite, uninvolved, friendly and sympathetic

Under pressure the watcher avoids conflict. Their peaceful and stoic personality prefers a slow, deliberate presentation style. Watchers typically require extra time to warm up before you begin talking about business. Watcher dislike having to make decisions and are natural born procrastinators who love the status quos. Watchers are very sensitive to conflict or "sales pressure." They have a need to accommodate others and tend to ask "how" questions.

Keywords When communicating with Watchers: Family, Service and Harmony.

  • Analytical/Thinker Style:
    Introverted, thoughtful, organized, critical, shy, detailed, pessimistic, introspective, secretive, aloof and focused.

Thinker’s major weakness is "stress management." Under pressure they become withdrawn, depressed and worried. Often seeking perfection, thinkers prefer a slow, detailed presentation style. Skeptical by nature, they typically research before they purchase. Thinkers want detailed information and they tend to ask "why" questions. Their frugal nature will cause them to analyze your quote to ensure the price is right. Thinkers often get bogged down in details and can get "paralyzed from analysis." Close the sale with the thinker by giving them evidence, facts, testimonials and guarantees.  

Keywords When communicating with Thinkers: Logical, Safety and Quality.

Influencing the selling process is an artform. Doing your homework before making a presentation includes understanding as much as possible about the person or group that you will face. While this is not always possible, do your best to identify your prospect's preferred buying style. If you can ascertain their temperament style - reading their body language or seating selection for example, you’ll likely close more sales in less time!

HQZ Experts practices these steps for our own business. Contact us to learn ways of improving your company’s marketing performance.   Call 949-454-6149 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this topic. Pat Dwight

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