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11 December 2015 Published in PR Written by 

PR Is Cost-Effective & Results Driven

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news businessDone well, public relations (PR) can effectively achieve impressive results.  It can build your brand and attract new supporters.  Good PR can:

  • Drive referrals by communicating your expertise and success to important audiences
  • Create advocacy positioning that raises your voice above the pack and attracts attention from potential funding sources while helping to preserve existing funding
  • Draw attention to your track record of success

Many companies get lost in today’s varied marketing communications alternatives. Social media, the internet, advertising, brochures and traditional media such as print and broadcast all compete for our attention. Which alternative works best today?  Making a choice is particularly important since many of the most accessible and easy to generate communications turn out to be very time consuming, costly and ultimately ineffective.

PR Is Important In Building A Strong Reputation

A brand’s identity is built, these social media driven days, as a partnership between multiple forces. It is not just a catchy name, or a striking logo, a beautiful brochure or a well-written press release. The mass market economy has been replaced by a customer economy which calls for person-to-person communications built upon trust. PR plays an important role in building that trust.  

Getting news and reviews about your firm offers a very strong marketing tool because it can be re-purposed in many other marketing: website, blog, annual report, print materials, trade show fliers and much more.  Allow HQZ to expand your PR outreach.  

Author: Pat Dwight: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 949-454-6149. 

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