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22 April 2021 Published in Blog Written by 

Virtual Events Are Here

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Marketers Meet Virtual Events

Remember when “events” were conventions or trade shows? Given the past years business upheaval, virtual events are now outperforming traditional trade show/convention venues.  Face to face marketing has almost disappeared and has been replaced by virtual events – which are now the new norm and seem to be working out surprisingly well.

Virtual events are crushing attendance records. Businesses everywhere across multiple industries are gaining great results through virtual events. While in-person events may slowly return, many companies plan to retain virtual events as a key part of their overall marketing mix. In fact, a majority of businesses have already incorporated more online events into their sales and marketing outreach.

Virtual Events Work!


Virtual events cost less - and take a lot less to plan and execute than in-person events. They eliminate the requirement to spend on travel, hospitality, or venue space and significantly increases your bottom line.  

Less Time Planning/Promoting

Without moving people, products, and physical displays, virtual events are delivered faster than in-person events. For example, the average time to prepare for a virtual event is three to four weeks vs. six to eight (or more) weeks for in-person events. A recent survey of businesses reported that a small virtual event requires as little as two weeks to plan.  

Helps Scheduling

Travel is logistically challenging for busy people. Recent closure on available venues and airline restrictions have prevented event attendance not just in the U.S. but worldwide. Clearly, with the expansion of virtual events, people are now much more inclined to join more online events in the future.

Connections - Anywhere

In-person events entail limited geographic limitations, while virtual events attract attendees from all over. If you’re a global business today or considering becoming a global business, virtual events afford a broad spectrum of benefits.

Focused Discussions

Since virtual events cost less yet draw from a geographically more diverse group of attendees, your business can now focus events on niche topics that satisfies their interests. Your prospective customers enjoy and are far more likely to be attend a narrowly focused event since they are interested to learn more about your products or services.

Data & Insight Options

Getting people to fill out survey forms after in-person events is like watching grass grow … people want to move on! But it’s worth it to learn what attendees experienced by participating in your event. Again, virtual events offer a much more tangible perspective at how attendees are engaging with your event (who, what, when, where and why).

With most event platforms, each session and interaction is recorded – you capture it. This data is invaluable to sales reps who can then follow-up with prospects and ‘suspects’ while the marketing team uses the feedback to develop future events and campaign strategies.

Keynote Speakers Appreciate Virtual Speaking

Finding great speakers for your events can be difficult since they are in But, when you remove the travel component, many keynote speakers are more flexible. Think about it - it’s much easier to book a 90-minute virtual keynote than it is a multi-day visit. And in some situations, a virtual event presentation may be recorded in advance, which allows for greater scheduling flexibility for them.

“Scaling” Your Event Is Now Manageable

Most in-person events only scale as big as the venue allows. Some of these events face long waiting lists whereas, virtual events can scale as big and fast as needed, especially if you use a dedicated streaming platform rather than a videoconferencing service.

Quick Outreach Evolution

Virtual events accelerate introducing your important product or service news to your customers and prospects. Rather than waiting to announce new product updates at a trade show, experiment with more frequent and focused launches both before, during and after.

Build Pipeline

You can easily set up follow-on conversation while your event is still running by integrating an appointment calendar technology with your virtual events. This accelerates lead quality measure and accelerates their sales funnel. In the end, virtual events efficiently plan, promote, and deliver your event. This approach is vital to your marketing outreach today, especially if you’re planning to run multiple events throughout the year.

This technology is especially important when you’re working with multiple teams and new technology. Remember that virtual events engage professionals (product/service/marketing experts, speakers, PR, executive communications, social, creative, a Web team, engineering, analytics, and designers. Yes, it does sorta ‘take a village…”

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