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02 June 2021 Published in Blog Written by 

Change is Constant ... Change Is Good Featured

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Change Marketing Approach Now

The way people purchase things is dramatically different since Covid-19 began. Latest numbers reflect that 67% of consumers now  use multiple channels to complete a purchase transaction – heavily on online.

Unfortunately, more than half of marketers do not have sufficient data and insights to drive effective marketing to handle the change. If they survive, they’ll need to revamp their marketing approach to existing customers and engage potential customers.

With shoppers active across the marketplace and responsive to personalized engagement, why aren’t more marketers better at connecting and personalizing the shopper experience? It hasn’t been easy since there are big challenges for solving shopper’s ever-changing preferences and adapting to the new norm.

Proven Approaches to Getting Started:

  1. Integrate data through the customer window
  2. Utilize the right consumer touchpoints
  3. Relate the shopping experience

Integrating Data Throughout The Consumer Journey

More than half of marketers do not have sufficient data and insights to drive effective customer personalization. The best approach is to leverage data in your marketing strategy the easiest way that works. Examples: you might just have enough data to provide directional insights on your shopper’s behavior and preferences. Or, you know that the majority of your shoppers fit certain demographic criteria (use offers frequently with purchase or gravitate toward popular item categories.)

This data strengthens and personalizes the connected shopper journey. You can also use that data to select influencers who align with your target shopper, feature popular category items in marketing material, or leverage paid media to promote offers.

To minimize your marketing costs and create a customer friendly personalized shopping experience, data must guide every decision. The benefits to you are personalized media experiences, increased sales, precise advertiser targets, retailer data, media spending, powerful real-time attribution and scaled shopper data.

Use the Right Consumer Touchpoints

Ensure that you activate across all touchpoints that influence shopper purchase decisions – including both online and in-store channels. It’s important because 76% of customers now expect connected engagement with your business across all touchpoints.

Begin by leveraging online and offline behavioral and transaction data to identify and understand your target shopper. Data defines what appeals to those shoppers, what they are looking for, and how to reach them with the most effective marketing message possible … and at the most crucial touchpoint.

Touchpoints influence purchases differently in the purchase path. Channels such as instore signage and on-site media drive awareness and consideration while consumers are in an active purchase mode at the retailer. Using influencer marketing and off-site media also captures consumer attention sooner.

A comprehensive retail media solution combines traditional tactics like incentives and in-store signage with newer targeted media, influencer content, and messaging to ensure you are reaching consumers across all buying modes or emerging online purchase platforms.

Connect The Shopper Experience

Fifty-seven percent of customers expect to find whatever they need from you in three clicks or less. Think about that for a minute! The journey for shoppers has to be seamless minus any fragmented purchase issues. Recent surveys show that 85% of retailers feel their companies should improve their personalization efforts.

Driving sales is not just about making products available within the e-commerce environment but rather by creating a better and more satisfying online shopping experience. Customers want simplicity. And a cohesive consumer shopping experience is where many retailers still have room to improve. 

Consumers expect a lot from the retailers. They want the best products, best price, and personalization. A prepared retailer should see a shopper go seamlessly from an inquiry all the way to their purchase with complete tracking and visibility. Understand what consumers want by comparing it to what you want in your own shopping journey.

Questions? Contact Pat Dwight: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 949-454-6149.

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