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03 August 2021 Published in Blog Written by 

Is Your Brand Characterization Working? Featured

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Most marketers understand the impact of human experiences influenced by relating products and services to personalize those experiences—making impressions at just the right time likely transforms someone forever.

Creating that special transformative memorable moment often gets challenging because it stretches our traditional creativity beyond conventional tactics. The hardest marketing campaign is translating a brand—a company’s identity—into perspectives that promotes memory creation. For many companies that brand isn’t relatable as an ‘experience’ by your patrons.

I’ll explain. Almost all of us view brands as logos or toolkits ... which defines visual representations rather than the values and ideas that built the company and its product/service. Strategic practical introductions require you to think beyond visual representation and decide whether your audience’s experience genuinely represents the brand. And even if it does so, brands morph and acquire new and often very symbolic dimensions which misses hard-fought brand awareness.

Here’s the Question: Do you create memories that reflect a brand logo as well as what that brand truly characterizes?

If Not … Get Busy

Ponder before beginning. Ask yourself whether each part of the experience is aligned with the brand identity. If it isn’t, make it so, but do so carefully and don’t rush. Remember, you are re-creating impressions, not the logo color.

Adjust to this different marketing approach and align your team’s imagination using creative logistical possibilities. At this point your team should begin seeing practical achievable alternatives. Remind them again that fun, honest, practical and descriptive approaches associate that brand and consumer views.

This Is Your Brand – Make It Better

Pretend that you are exploring this product for the first time. Using the tactics above, begin defining how it makes you feel or react. Forget the slogans, heavy product chatter and go into another zone. Without going outside the box, collect thoughts that reposition your impressions, write them down, and go home. Return the next day and start fresh.

Great concepts don’t just fall out of the air … often our brains work during sleep or maybe while driving to work. So, when you begin the next session, use another chart and pick the best of yesterday’s concepts, then add new ones. You’ve got the rhythm now, so your new ideas will percolate to the top, new energy emerges, and fresh impressions will emerge. Remember to always keep your brand identity in the mix!

Pay Attention to Everything!

Success means that you’ve considered every way consumers will perceive and interact with your message. Measuring the impact of these experiences is challenging but required! Remember that going beyond traditional A-B-C marketing presents a whole new array of hurdles that existing marketing strategies don’t. The benefits far outweigh the work of building an experience that plants your brand in both prospects and existing customers lives and memories.

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