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01 September 2021 Published in Blog Written by 

Maintain Visitors Trust Through Secure Website Featured

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Lessen e-Marketing Risks

Having proper protections supporting your website keeps it secure while improving its reliability. The more reliable your site, the more your visitors trust that you can keep their information secure which builds greater trust in your brand.

As companies grow and need more powerful 2-way windows, more data is generated across other devices, requiring greater responsibility for the information viewers share with you. And, the more data that’s produced, the more difficult it is to keep everything safe.

The expanding digital landscape we live in today allows nasty goofs (computer-savvy hackers or professional cybercriminals) to cyber-attack businesses by employing increasingly sophisticated methods of obtaining access to all of your data. Not good!

Where SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) & Marketing Unite

A secure, vital, functioning website should save your company from spending money to repair the damage done to your security infrastructure—and your reputation—if breached. SSL certificates protect your end user data and improves your search rankings/conversion rates – all fundamental to site security and performance.

Marketing automation solutions with servers backed by advanced security technology helps you secure the pages they host for you, and all other hosted assets, including forms and images. The tools below define successful solutions to ponder.

1. Automated Maintenance & Renewal

Automation now removes necessary manual SSL certificate management. It lessens the need for added cybersecurity and ensures a more secure, reliable digital experience for your site visitors … because it protects both their data and your reputation. All involved can breathe easier.

2. Landing Page - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

HTTPS means all communications between a browser and your website are encrypted. Encryption better secures your page communications and your visitors’ data, and helps you avoid that ugly ‘Not Secure’ warning.

3. Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

Managed WAF keeps your pages secure by monitoring, filtering, and blocking malicious HTTP traffic moving to and from your website. WAF automatically updates when new vulnerabilities occur which ensures that your environment remains secure.

4. DDoS Protection (Distributed Denial of Service)
DDoS protects your environment from even the worst DDoS attack. The bad traffic that causes your pages (and your solution’s infrastructure) to crash is blocked. This protection ensures your pages remain live and perform proficiently.

5. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDNs are load balancers that distribute page views based on geolocation. By geographically distributing cache page content to end users based on their physical location to the closest server, CDNs load landing pages faster and improves the viewer’s experience. Since effective cybersecurity is vital to IT teams, each member must properly secure their environment.

Marketers focus on a comprehensive approach to security – both the company and end users’ data throughout every stage of their buying journey - from a lead to website follower.

Electronic media and the amount of digital data is boundless. Which of course is now a huge magnet for cybercriminals. Without proper protection and vital tools, these icky people walk right in as often as they care to, and we may never see them.

SSL is very important to your business … whether large or small! If your website is not adequately secure, your ‘door’ is wide open for bad players. Contact us to learn more about migrating from SSL to a more secure domain.

HQZ Experts’ team can help you evaluate your website content strategy and provide the key insights into what really affects your SEO rankings, then define tactics that help you implement a more effective optimized search engine blueprint.

Questions? Contact Pat Dwight: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 949-454-6149.

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