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Reaching Recipients Reaching Recipients
01 November 2021 Published in Blog Written by 

Good Customer Experiences Matter Featured

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Customer Experiences Morphing

Your customer experiences directly involve engagements, costs, buying frequency and overall customer loyalty. The better a customer experience … the better your business does your customers appreciate. It matters!

Today’s customer journey is more complicated. The reason is a result of modern technology, expanded communication channels, a global economy and access to unlimited data. Yes, these options enable businesses to expand on a much larger scale, so always remember that the customer is still king.

Businesses have expanded the one-to-one customer approach to a multi-universe role to remain visible, but the downside is that building memorable, highly personalized customer experiences had to morph too. This challenges companies to create and sustain meaningful customer experiences that directly impacts revenue streams such as loss of engagement, lower retention and decreased brand loyalty. Thus, today’s customers have higher expectations—and companies must define exactly what that looks like to hang in.

Fast Forward

Since you are already unique, personalize customer experiences by setting yourself apart from the competition—thereby gaining new and sustained stronger loyalty. Given today’s digital business try to utilize the best tools that will sustain your proven customer relations tactics. Below examples define how businesses use the latest technology and traditional best practices to achieve a highly personalized customer experience.

Personalization Works

Simple personalization produces better results—targeting website viewers with industry-specific content generates a 30+% lift in conversion rates. Whether it’s as complex (creating different content) or simply making relevant product highlights, every uptick improves the overall customer experience. Turning actionable insights into personalized customer experiences across all channels – AI or new data science, the importance of data-driven personalization helps you grow.

First-Name Basis Or Not?

Gone are the times customers walked into a store and the owner greeted them by name. Today, most of us interact with businesses across electronic channels and engage with a wide range of brands but without the familiarity. A company’s brand can deliver on this promise—through integrating customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

And yes, it is a process: ERP and CRM solutions enable businesses to build a better experience for their customers by targeting prospects more effectively and delivering the right information at the right time, thereby improving visibility into the customer relationship. Context is already important to crafting the customer experiences that consumers demand. Moving forward, intelligent systems as well as the data that drives them plays a key role in the evolution of the customer experience. Breaking down the walls between systems of engagement and systems of record (like ERPs and CRMs) empower businesses to drive relevant experiences.

Digital & Mobile - New 24-Hour Store

81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying

24-hour stores are the ultimate convenience for customers—since they shop for goods, try items and make purchases whenever they want. Some brands have scaled back on their 24-hour operations due to resource constraints. So, use the anytime, anywhere access of websites and applications, where consumers research products, browse inventory, make purchases and interact with customer service when it is useful for them.

View your digital properties as the first point of interaction ... the internet is always open and ready to serve customers. Consumers start their customer journey online and make a purchase after concluding their research about the product and brand. Online means that you must also be prepared for online availability. Website or application downtime results directly in lost sales, and drive customers straight to competitors. Slow performance from websites and purchasing applications annoy customers. To deliver a great customer experience, starts with an efficient, feature-rich digital presence.

Community Still Matters
49% of customers want personalized information based on their immediate location

Globalization has enabled businesses to expand worldwide. This doesn’t mean that location has become any less important, however. Quite the opposite—the community focus that drove the success of early businesses remains key and is now more important to embrace the vehicle customers seek.

Serving an international audience necessitates your company understands the specific values and needs of their customers, and simultaneously delivering highly targeted messaging regardless of where they are from.

Today’s digital technologies can better deliver tailored messages to multiple markets they serve and enable companies to seamlessly manage websites in different languages or content.
26% of customers say trust and consistency are top factors in business relationships

From the advent of the telephone to the rise of digital channels, the customer experience connects a wide array of touchpoints, helping customers as it gives them the freedom to engage with their favorite brands on how they want, when and where.

This expansion is more challenging. Tracking customers while maintaining the message can result in disjointed brand experiences – physical locations can’t return purchases made online or sales agents can’t access customer information online. New tools help businesses better track and manage customer information across touchpoints, thus building stronger customer profiles, and smarter, more unified campaigns that deliver your consistent brand experience.

Old Struggle, New Tools

86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience

Whether you’re serving a niche audience or millions across the world, customers demand a quality experience … and they won’t settle for less. By combining the latest marketing tools with the theory that drove the memorable one-to-one experience, companies can structure their new customer journey by crafting a personalized experience that impresses them—regardless of business size, industry or audience.

Recent technology has changed your customers and prospect relationship, so touching new prospects on a larger playing field really matters to your company.
If you need more information about managing your technology to achieve ongoing success give us a call.

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