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Reaching Recipients Reaching Recipients
17 December 2021 Published in Blog Written by 

Your 2022 Customer Approach Featured

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2022 Customer Approach

Research data directly from customers always provide a broader perspective of helping you understand their agenda. It also allows you to identify them more closely by delivering a new, relevant and personalized message rather than simply polishing last year’s message.

First-party data reveals the customer or prospect’s ‘new’ demographics, what they’ve purchased, and engenders a more honest relationship between your business and them.

Digital Transformations

A great marketing strategy uses customer data effectively and ambitiously, but it is also hard to collect. While the virus resulted in a necessary shift to digital when businesses were forced to readjust during lockdowns, many businesses just weren’t prepared … because they didn’t have an efficient digital infrastructure.

You/They depended on legacy systems and didn’t plan for added costs/resources to revisit their digital status. Unfortunately, many companies are losing ground or likely underwater now – they paid the highest price. All of society was touched by this bug and companies everywhere understand that a digital transformation is a MUST for them. We all understand that our journey to digital conversion isn’t over yet.

The power of first-party digital data opens doors by creating more personalized messages and experiences. Done properly, personalization is hugely powerful (recent studies reflect that 90% of marketers say it significantly contributes to business profitability, while 61% of consumers expect brands to tailor experiences based on their preferences.) Read that statement again!

This personalization relies upon harmonious and accurate customer data collection. Some customers are wary of online sharing if they’ve encountered a ‘bad spam’ or don’t quite understand the reason for sharing it. Thus, it is critical to design consumer interactions in a more relaxed and welcoming approach … they have been through a lot! They will engage because they want to experience a more human, enjoyable approach now.

Community Connections

Covid-19 has changed many things both in our personal and professional lives. It surely has changed consumer values. Everyone has reappraised their lives during waves of restrictions; they’ve revisited spending and working habits as they adjusted to the new normal. Consumers miss what we had previously taken for granted – community and connectedness. And, as lockdowns eased, the ability to reconnect through events gained importance in achieving a sense of normal! Having been restricted from face contact for so long caused consumers to “have fun and embrace novel experiences, through both virtual and one-on-one scenarios.”

What’s Next?

2022 Marketing strategies should be increasingly relevant to the weary consumer. They help us through their sustained trust, while we deliver them things they want or need. Meaningful marketing that speaks to consumers captures their attention adds value to their experience … and ensures that they hear you and act on your message.

One thing is certain … we have all moved through the past year experiencing things we didn’t expect but then discovered new ways to cope with chaos and build more stamina. We all found new boarders and invented work arounds! HQZ wishes all of our friends and clients a renewed vigor in 2022.

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