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Wednesday, 18 December 2019 10:53

2020 B2B Marketing Trends Overhaul

2020 Marketing Changes

2020 promises many changes in how marketers do their jobs. Most experts who predict the significant changes in traditional marketing strategies see a common thread will see greater attention to ‘audience convenience’ and ‘personalization’. Whatever your vision, your marketing message must define how you solve ‘their’ problems.

This means emphasizing authenticity and connectivity beyond “sales-pitch hype” and a laser focus on your prospects and customers. Figure out ways of optimizing content and prioritizing the conversations you have with them. Decide What your company’s story will be then engaging your customers personally – and yes that means talk to them – capture their attention and their lifelong loyalty to your brand.

1: Marketing Technology Consolidation

Companies will cut their MarTech spending and focusing more on new processes. Small technology providers will thrive and systems that deliver little value – “analytics packages” that use basic Google Analytics onto the WordPress dashboard – will be discarded. Next year will engage talented B2B web developers given that existing lightweight plugin functionality merely inserts JavaScript in headers and that’s all it does. Security concerns and a leaner MarTech approach will focus on worthwhile unpackaged technology.

2: Themed Website Decline

Sure, formula WordPress themes are ubiquitous, inexpensive, easy to develop and deploy. But, because companies will need higher-end custom sites with a unique experience and premium branding, they’ll be shopping for something better. Color pre-built themes and frameworks gone and websites that are truly exceptional and differentiating are in.

3: ‘Consequential’ Data Review

Google Ads, Google Analytics, automation platforms and B2B marketing information have become, well, abundant. Marketers have realized that click-through rates by variant are based on “junk data.” B2B marketing in 2020 will employ meaningful metrics by evaluating what data is used to make decisions and actually influence the bottom line – not just generate stroke vanity.

4: Prospect Focus

Focus on your client. They’re the once who really matter and ARE your marketing targets. So, your approach should include a (re)focus on delivering experiences and messages that grab the potential buyer’s attention. It’s not about you. When marketers stop worrying about self-fulfillment and self-aggrandizement, they’ll refocus on what really matters – hearing the cash register ring.

5: Google PPC Yes with Some Modifications

Google Ads is now mature and simple … but has driven the cost up on a whole lot of areas. 2020 will see firms change their Google Ad bidding strategies that is more focused on who the buyer is and what they want. Smart marketers will now be focusing their bidding strategies on the problem potential customers are trying to solve, while avoiding high-dollar bidding terms. Learn about them and know who they are.

6: Sales & Marketing Get Divorced!

The line between marketing and sales has eroded to almost nonexistence. 2020 will revolve around sales enablement, meaning, marketing folks will assume a hybrid character by nurturing a prospect from their first interaction through customer engagement. Realize that that marketing-qualified leads aren’t enough now; marketers must create what sales needs by supporting their effort through the ‘close’ – and beyond. This calls for non-traditional lead nurturing, targeted advertising that coincides with demos and proposals, and pre/post-purchase email cycles. If your sales and marketing folks can play nice, it will reap great benefit.

7: From B2C to B2B

B2B lead generation seeks hyper-specialized targeting while B2C uses mass outreach tools. Think Facebook advertising which is often too blunt to be effective. 2020’s solution is based on demographics and predicted behavior and will highly target specific industry segments, companies and individuals, with laser precision. “B2B” gains a better understanding of the specific prospect - do they fit your demographic, and then, what’s the best approach to target them – not capturing thousands who may just vaguely resemble your prospect.

8: Reducing Garbage Content

People expect content – there is more of it today than ever before. But, producing content for content’s sake usually creates, well, junk and offers little value to the target. The awkward reality is that ranking on Page 1 of Google’s results doesn’t mean you’ll ever convert anyone. To survive, your 2020 B2B marketing should offer content exchanged well-presented useful stuff to the right audience.

Experts predict the biggest B2B marketing movement next year will be offering engaging messages that work for clients and talking to your audience – not hyping yourself. Go back and read #3 and #4!

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