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Tuesday, 17 November 2020 09:07

Adapting to Remote Work

The CORONA-19 virus has brought lots of changes. But let’s consider the positive effects on how businesses have been forced to revise many processes as well as how their customers - you and us - have adapted. Will this new approach likely continue to evolve at an accelerated pace?  

Adapting: Modify, Adjust to New Conditions, Transition
These are great definitions of our new norm. Almost overnight reconfigured business and personal practices have not only changed – they’ve rescued. Evolving out of necessity, companies and employees who are surviving, now employ a changing digital reality that’s surprisingly shifting long-lasting traditions.

Digital Services Approval

Although embracing digital services has been forced upon us, many businesses and almost all Americans are taking this approach - even some who never shopped online – have fully embraced doing so. A good many are not likely to return to their previous purchasing approach. 

Fewer Events/More Incentives

There has been a universal SHUTDOWN of most major business events. Not to worry … companies and people with the right technology and motivation have simply shifted to online versions of “online meetings” which are readily available and likely free for the guests. Even though personal interaction is missing, participants still offer diverse content and new ideas while maintaining connection with their customers and supporters. 

The ‘new normal’ continues to gain momentum but since humans highly value social interactions, events won’t disappear. Those that return to trade shows and conventions will need to work much harder to justify their existence, and many have already been replaced by virtual equivalents.

Flex-Work Dream

Remote working is finally here. Friends and colleagues, I’ve spoken with really enjoy the new norm. Research studies indicate that working at home has consistently grown by 173% since 2005. Given the imposed shutdown, this statistic is expected to increase even more.   

Employers realize that their employees don’t need to be seen all day, every day. The new remote working has shown that it’s possible to carry on the business without employees in the office. Given the technology now being utilized, flexible working has become both viable and essential.

Likewise, responsible, productive employees don’t need to be ‘present’ nor do they want constant oversight. Welcome benefits from this ‘new normal’ methodology has created less commuting (fewer cars on the roads and less congestion), reduced energy in mega-offices (air conditioning/heating and lighting, security, etc.).

New Norm has ended wasteful, costly business practices. It’s forced creatives to be more creative and surprisingly, has resulted in rapidly executed, great work. We’ve seen what can be done with less, and reverting to the big budget, big team model is going to be harder to rekindle for companies and their employees down the road.

On the bright side, the last ten months has made honesty a core value in the workplace. Leaner and smarter has become the new reality … build upon this new perspective and think about the many new possibilities awaiting your business.

Pat Dwight

HQZ Experts - www.hqzexperts.com
For more information, contact Pat Dwight: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 949-454-6149.

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