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Monday, 10 August 2020 09:29

Pick Your Own Horizon

As can be expected companies of all sizes are reevaluating their budgets. The universal option of choice is to eliminate non-business essential marketing spending, which is hardly a surprise since frequently when a real crisis arises, marketing budgets are first to go. And right now, we are experiencing a whopper slowdown!

Successful businesses now face holding onto their pocketbook while remaining relevant. The entire business dynamic has flipped and now being a ‘specialist’ is going to decline. Companies are now looking for cooperative teams to complete multiple tasks to deliver good work. Carried to the next level, this wrinkle pushes marketers to expand their own specialist skillset to broader, more general abilities. Below are things to consider as your career evolves.

Telling A Story

Interestingly, facts are all-well-and-good, but stories actually do the ‘selling’. Think about the last time charts and tables moved you to take some sort of action. Not so much. Research shows that stories are memorable because they trigger an emotion and quickly signal the ‘essence’ of the message. In fact, stories are about 22 times more memorable that a list of facts.

That is why marketers should learn ways of weaving compelling narratives that align with market sentiment, customer priority yet incorporate their brand message. If they do not yet know this, the art of storytelling is now a MUST; crafting engaging, authentic, and credible messaging that both engages and strengthens the intended audience loyalty.

Grasping Data Analytics

Increasingly heightened focus on value, compel marketers to learn how to use data to quickly measure campaign effectiveness. Data-driven insights will also help marketers understand customers better, make the right decisions, and course-correct when necessary.

Design – Go There It is Fun

Statistics reflect that the human brain processes images up to 60,000 times faster than words. Great designs generally draw the attention an ad campaign deserves. With all of the new online technology, the basics of design and the art of using powerful visual storytelling is easier than ever. With a little practice (and fun) adding basic design to your marketing skills portfolio.

Don’t Hide - Embrace Technology

Awareness of the technology used in successful marketing programs includes designing, executing, and measuring - from automation of processes to the customer’s experience. A successful marketer must include the skillset and knowledge then APPLY them to successfully achieve their objectives.

Industry Savvy Matters

Beyond the technical side as defined above, marketers must understand their industry - business, product(s), and customers. Technology marketers should know how to write a basic flyer themselves. And define content and channel strategies that optimize ROI. You gain this expertise when actively listening and learning from cross-functional teams, i.e. (subject matter experts, sales teams, and business leaders). The corny slogan “practice makes perfect” has never been more relevant. Pay attention, become a sponge, ask questions, observe those experts you trust and rely upon in your team then hit the GO button. Your first couple of attempts may be bumpy, but mistakes are not deadly. Everyone learns from their mistakes … and sometimes those lessons help you win big in the long run.

Budget Plans Not Optional

Wise marketers learn budgeting and strategic planning very quickly. Your amazing campaign may be the best thing since sliced bread … but if you have no budget to fund it, well then it was only a great idea. Do your homework on short and long-term costs from A to Z. Know from the beginning what your marketing program entails and ensure that the funding for making it all happen is at your disposal. If you are not interested in the finance side of things, at least bring a competent accounting or finance planner into your universe ... and learn from them!

Thinking about all of the skills you must possess just to handle your job today can be daunting. Well, it is. But your success in this new era depends upon disregarding previous norms where individual team members each brought a specific skillset to the party while contributing to the marketing mix. Seems those days are declining fast!  

Business today has many New Norms over which we seem to have little control. You may not want to take a personal assessment of your own skills. But, given all the unfilled time we all find ourselves with use it wisely. Consider ways you can adapt and remain vital to your company. Expanding your skillset makes you more productive and absolutely more effective. Do It!

Pat Dwight

HQZ Experts - www.hqzexperts.com
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