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Branding Tactics Beyond 2020

Branding Tactics Beyond 2020

Ever wonder about which technologies and customer trends will change marketing organizations the most over the next five years? Here are some thoughts on the topic. 

Marketers understand their customer through personalization, but the old methods aren’t getting the job done and are forcing change in the “new” way they must proceed. Pressed to explore new tactics combining customer’s changing dynamics with timely, tailored relevant content and new tools is the new norm.

Projections of personalized customer experiences expected to define how to creates customer value:

  1. Own the Customer Experience. By 2020, marketers must own the end-to-end customer experience by examining—its role as a direct brand interface with customers—everywhere, anytime and across platforms.
  2. Managing Marketing Complexity/Growth. Customer experience is going to replace mass advertising as a preferred tactic. By 2020, the accelerating pace of technology change, mobile lifestyles and exploding marketing channels via connected devices and locations will change marketing strategies the most.
  3. The Winning 2020 Top Customer Channels Will Be: social media (63%), the WWW (53%), mobile apps (47%) and mobile web (46%). Traditional publishing-centric channels—television, radio and print—score far lower.
  4. CCustomer Experience Becomes the Driving Force. A personalized, efficient and consistent customer experience translates into customer loyalty and brand value. To gain brand loyalty forces marketers to elevate customer loyalty.
  5. Future Innovations. The technology-specific trends to have the biggest impact on marketing organizations by 2020 are: Mobile devices and networks (59%), personalization technologies (45%) and the Internet (39%).

These technologies—mobile and broadband technology, social media, data, analytics and, Artificial Intelligence (AI)—will accelerate the adoption rate of other innovations.

To be competitive going forward marketers can’t merely port the same creative idea across tech and media platforms. Their departments must engage the customer with contextually relevant, personalized experiences—everywhere and anytime.

You’ll like this—the more powerful technologies tailoring and targeting content and messaging become, the more complex and variable the customer connection will be. Customers will access similar content on similar websites, apps or platforms and will willingly connect transactions and blend technical and social elements unique to them. They will cross over.

Thus, marketing strategies must engage the mainstream, via mobile and socially connected devices and services. 2020 audiences as "Internet of Things" (IoT), virtual and augmented reality, along with AI cause interactivity to branch into the outside world ... it’s a big expansion curve.

So how will brands find/win/grow/retain customers across fragmented audiences with unlimited digital shelf space? Marketers must devise a single, clear customer understanding then ‘push’ personalized customer experiences across diverse platforms. This means resetting a value-and-exchange model based on customer’s personalized experience to a crowded, information-intense marketing environment ... designed to out-perform the traditional advertising route.

                *Survey data based on a global survey/interviews with 499 CMOs and senior marketing executives.

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