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Pat Dwight

Pat Dwight

A Few PR Tactics To Consider

Each new year forces those in the Public Relations world to anticipate and predict what changes will occur. The following expectations offer food for thought as you set your Public Relations course for your company.

  1. Diversify - More Than Last Year - Traditional PR has evolved from just focusing on reputation management to market/technology-driven activities including:
  • Crisis Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Media Influencer
  • Analyst relations

New PR skills should also evolve in ways such as increased digital content (videos and podcasts) dedicated to producing content for a wider range of digital platforms that shape broader awareness.

  1. Coverage - Always King - A well-earned hit in a prime media outlet is sweet - whether in print, broadcast, radio or social.
  2. Social Content on Steroids - When producing podcasts or writing I-articles, the entire scope should have a social facet. Experts predict the 'rapid response' process will become even more social.
  3. Stories Prevail – If you prefer writing whitepapers, articles or blogs, be sure to showcase writing skills with content creativity.
  4. SEO Boost - Whether with links back to client’s sites or links to their social media, every piece of content produced must deliver embedded SEO value for the company.
  5. Spotlight PR To Taste - People always ask “what impact” PR has on their bottom line. What sales growth does PR produce? What’s the difference between PR and advertising? We tell them that PR makes a critical difference to their company. The world quickly spots the difference between a bought placement and true editorial; placed copy feels like hype and it is.

The convergence of PR, marketing and advertising often compete and seem redundant. As editorial and advertising evolve, the pay-for-play content appears more repetitive which means it will be skipped. In the end the market and your audience wind up making the decision. Just remember that a free and impartial press is integral to honest and balanced messaging.

PR by its very nature combines the story, a benefit, relationship to a topic, and background facts that create a platform. This combination builds trust and builds reputation between an organization and its target audience. Each actually needs the other to maintain a bond of trust critical to everyone in the loop.

Pat Dwight - 1-20-19  

HQZ Experts writes effective PR  Call us and learn more - Contact Pat Dwight: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 949-454-6149.

We Use Them Every Day … But Really Take Them for Granted

Anyone who uses a computer knows what a mouse pad is. Stop for a moment and consider this overlooked but very necessary tool we all use. We’ve learned from experience that without using a mouse pad, our mouse gets wonky, and even seemingly independently flitting all around your screen, behaving just like a three-year-old in the toy store.

Even though we use them constantly and need them without question, how often do we stop to consider our mouse pad? Likely not often or never. That means we all take them for granted.

Stop and think about your mouse pad. Is it required? That depends on your frustration level. With a mouse pad, your work remains stable and ‘smooth’; without a mouse pad, your work is clunky, haphazard and takes longer.

The three proven benefits of the mouse pad are: higher speed, more precision, and user comfort. A secondary benefit keeps the desk or table surface from being scratched and worn by continuous hand and mouse friction. Lastly the mouse pad reduces debris collection under the mouse which reduces display pointer jitter.

Besides guiding your curser and keeping it aligned, without a soft surface to ‘mouse around’ the desk surface wears away the mouse pad foot caused by constant friction on a desk surface. It’s unavoidable. If the feet on your mouse itself are worn down to the point that the plastic body drags, your mouse functionality is inhibited. While a mouse pad doesn’t completely alleviate this, it allows the feet to last longer.


Many optical mouse users (especially gamers, designers, and other heavy users) prefer a mouse pad for comfort, speed and accuracy, while preventing wear to the desk or table surface. The consistent tracking of a conventional mouse pad is a huge boon to gamers, especially those who play games with fast movement like shooters or MOBAs. Most “gaming” branded mouse pads are oversized, allowing for consistent big sweeping tracking motions that are impossible to do with a standard pad. Still other specialty models cover an entire desktop - underneath a keyboard and all else used on your desk.

All size and mouse pad designs are available in any office supply store or online. They’re expensive and come in a wide variety of sizes. Your company may also design personalized mouse pads with a slogan, logo or industry related image more relevant or more fun or entertaining. Some firms even create a personalized mouse pads for every employee using their name or photo. This way the employee takes ownership of their own mouse pad. And, it’s always safe because no one else will use another person’s mouse pad.

Be Kind To Your Mouse:

Have some fun with your mouse pad. HQZ Experts can help your company design your company’s mouse pad graphics. Any size, style, color, just let us know.

Contact Pat Dwight: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 949-454-6149.

Out With the Old in With the New

I’m finding it hard to believe that we will soon enter 2019. Not sure I’ve ever seen a year go faster. But, with 2019 almost here, it’s time to review those last few items on your list to begin the new year prepared.

Interactive Training Means 2-Way Participation

Training professionals strive hard to ensure that their training sessions are engaging. Trainers consider a job well done when they see improved class participation, evidence of real learning and participation, and practical application of the knowledge they learn will improve their work performance.

Coach or Boss - Which Are You?

Team leaders, supervisors, and managers (bosses) must now be both a coach and mentor. To do this requires good leadership skills designed to help transform their employees into “stars”. The evolution requires creating an environment that removes obstacles, leverages and develops strengths, shares information, and engages employees in the growth and continuous improvement of the company.

It Began With Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click targeted ads appear in customers’ search engine results or on websites visited. Marketers pay a fee to a website owner or search engine only when a user clicks an ad. 

Be a Star Presenter

William Randolph Hearst once said “… Give me a baby, a puppy or a pretty girl, and I can sell anything.  Explaining, once he had your attention, he had the opportunity to make his presentation. Successful presentations aren’t about the slides – there’s much more to it. 

Keyboard Shortcuts - Use Fingers Not Mouse

Compared to reaching for the mouse or navigating a menu, a single keyboard shortcut shaves a moment off your task. It's important to know as many shortcuts as possible for your operating system - To Save Time. Applying the keyboard shortcuts saves the time you'd otherwise spend clicking and dragging your mouse.

Prepares for the Future - Upgrade to HTTPS

Yes, the Internet is complicated. It encounters persistent threats requiring every website and page to remain secure.

Your Selling Style Needs to Appeal to Prospect's Temperament

Why do we immediately click with some customers but not all?

Even with the technological tools at our disposal today, everyone encounters failed relationships and lost sales. Psychologists explain this as human and posit that we are born into one of four primary temperament styles: Aggressive, Expressive, Passive or Analytical.

HQZ Removes The Guesswork From Marketing

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