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hqz sends newsHQZ understands the art of business writing and PR is one of our very best things!

The secret of a good PR campaign is to sustain a steady stream of news that reaches your target audience – all the while keeping the story credible, believable and offering solutions that the audience wants or needs.

Editors Appreciate Good Press Releases More Than Anyone!

Our approach to public relations blends the novel and traditional.  We work closely with clients to manage their PR process to generate an effective PR campaign for them.  Ascribing to Associated Press (AP) style writing, we’ve been writing effective PR for clients large and small, across numerous industry segments for more than two decades.

Public Relations is your company's first-line outreach to your publics...and its the most cost-effective marketing communications discipline available to you. Our public relations services are planned and well executed.

We can and will apply either or both saturation and/or targeting techniques for media and publicity in print and electronic media. We can and do provide specific guidance and direct assistance for clients in specific areas such as speaking engagements, radio interviews and blog set up and maintenance.

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PR is the most cost-effective marketing communications discipline available to you. When most people think about marketing, they think advertising and while advertising is a part of marketing, marketing is much bigger than merely advertising. While there are many different marketing methods, PR is the art of getting someone else to write or talk about you or your business.

We can turn those features into something newsworthy. Is there a time of year when people are interested in your services? Are there any studies you can dig up? Is there something in the news that ties into your product? Can you turn an aspect of your business into a human interest story?

We collaborate with the client to identify the topics and interview them to get the story:   

  • Intensify Market Focus
  • Generate Increased Awareness
  • Build Brand Name Recognition
  • Promote Scope of Services
  • Introduce New Members/Partners/Sponsors
  • Highlight clients’ Market Leadership Role
  • Build Editorial Relationships
  • Local newspapers
  • Industry trade publications
  • Business Journals
  • Penetrate marketplace publications
  • Management – (Promotions/New hires/Recognitions)
  • Events - (Meetings/Conferences and Speaking Opportunities)
  • Awards/Honors
  • Growth/Collaborations/Acquisitions/Divestitures
  • Benchmarks (new products or services/new partners

Next we draft the release and submit it to the client, take it through a few rounds of edits and then publish.  To achieve the desired results, SDA Word Wizards recommends that clients publish one or two releases monthly at a minimum.

PR Reporting and TrackingFor clients who require detailed analysis of their PR program, SDA Word Wizards provides monthly PR Activity Reports defining every press release, where it was distributed, and the number of pickups, both online and print.See if you can come up with 15 story ideas. Call SDA Word Wizards and we will handle the heavy lifting for you ... and get your stories told!

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